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SC 21-22 NC22063AP and NC22063APTT 00/00/2022 2022 GYSSA Short Course Championships 03/04/2022 03/06/2022 Multi-Site Goldsboro, Kernersville, Asheville Burroughs, Jennings, Hampleman Wisniewski, Trowbridge, Gillan (See meet announcement fo ...
  NC14070 REVISED   2014 NC NOMAD Time Trial Meet 02/01/2014 02/01/2014 Nomad Aquatic Center, Huntersville, NC Missy Hubbard Wendy Goodwin  
  NC11024   2011 NC Nomad vs Team Greenville Dual Meet 01/08/2011 01/08/2011 Nomad Aquatic Center - Huntersville, NC Missy Hubbard Wendy Goodwin  
  NC09114   2009 NC Coca-Cola Winter Invite 12/11/2009 12/13/2009 Family Fitness and Aquatic Center - Hun Stephanie Miller Wendy Goodwin  
  NC15000   2015 CVAC BRSL Feb Meet 02/14/2015 02/14/2015 Lenoir Rhyne University, Hickory, NC Paul Schiffel Wendy Goodwin  
  NC13183   2013 GSA Junior Nationals LC Time Trials 12/15/2013 12/15/2013 Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC Tom Brewer Wayne Shulby  
  NC07076   RSA TYR Sr. Kickoff Meet 10/19/2007 10/21/2007 Hillsborough Sportsplex, Hillsborough, NC Kevin Facchine Wayne Shulby  
  NC08001   THAT Open Invitational 01/11/2008 01/13/2008 Hillsborough Sportsplex Martha Aitken Wayne Shulby  
  NC09027 Rev 1   2009 ESSZ Senior Sectionals 03/05/2009 03/08/2009 Triangle Aquatic Center - Cary, NC Lana Sanders & Karen Garbarino Wayne Shulby  
  NC08083   2008 NC Swimming LC Senior Champs 07/24/2008 07/27/2008 Koury Natatorium, Chapel Hill, NC Ryan Woodruff and Sean Quinn Wayne Shulby  
  NC11063   2011 Southern Zone Age Group Championships 07/26/2011 07/30/2011 Triangle Aquatic Center - Cary, NC Larry Godlewski/Lana Sanders Wayne Shulby  
  NC08100   2008 Duke Trick or Treat Invitational 10/11/2008 10/12/2008 Triangle Sportsplex, Hillsborough, NC Jeannine Howard and Michele Schaefer Wayne Shulby  
  NC14041   2014 NC MOR 8 & U Snowflake Invite 01/25/2014 01/26/2014 Ravencroft School, Raleigh, NC Cara Cameron Wade Martin  
  NC14040   2014 NC MOR Intrasquad Distance Meet 01/24/2014 01/25/2014 Ravencroft School Cara Cameron Wade Martin  
  NC14045   2014 MOR SC Qualifier 02/07/2014 02/09/2014 Goldsboro YMCA Cara Cameron Wade Martin  
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