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  CANCELLED   SwimMAC 10 & Under Closed 01/24/2015 01/24/2015 Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte, NC Sarah Holman  
  NC12106   2012 Nomad Aquatics 10 & Under Meet 10/06/2012 10/06/2012 Nomad Aquatic Center, Huntersville, NC Missy Hubbard  
  Sanctioned by Georgia Swimming   2015 ESSZ Age Group Sectional Meet 03/12/2015 03/15/2015 Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, GA  
  Cancelled   Nomad 10 & Under Meet 01/26/2013 01/26/2013 Nomad Aquatic Center Missy Hubbard  
  Sanctioned by Indiana Swimming   2014 YMCA National LC Championships 06/28/2014 08/01/2014 Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN  
    2009 Short Course Nationals 12/03/2009 12/05/2009 Federal Way, WA  
  Florida   6th Annual Black Heritage Championship Meet 05/24/2008 05/25/2008 Orlando YMCA Kathy Cooper  
  CANCELLED   ASC Dual-Tri Meet 03/19/2016 03/19/2016 Asheville School, Asheville, NC Alan Barry  
    2009 Short Course Junior Nationals 12/10/2009 12/12/2009 Ohio State University  
  NC12104   2012 GYW Haunted Hat Meet 10/27/2012 10/27/2012 Gateway YWCA, Winston-Salem NC Alex Black  
  CANCELLED   GYW BRSL Closed Quad Meet 10/24/2015 10/24/2015 Gateway YWCA, Winston-Salem, NC Alex Black  
  CANCELLED   YBAC Quad Meet 01/25/2015 01/25/2015 Maynard Aquatic Center, Burlington, NC David McDevitt  
  CANCELLED   NMA Dual Meet 01/03/2015 01/03/2015 Nomad Aquatic Center Missy Hubbard  
  Sanctioned by USA Swimming   2015 SwimMAC Charlotte Arena Pro Series 05/14/2015 05/17/2015 Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center, Charlotte, NC  
  CANCELLED   SwimMAC Intrasquad 03/15/2014 03/15/2014 Charlotte Latin School Terry Fritch  
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